Rita Goldberg

I LOVE Nicole’s yoga classes and if I ever have to miss them I get soooo disappointed. I fell recently and my massage therapist said she thinks the reason I didn’t break anything is because I’m so flexible from yoga. During the last class I found myself amazed by the way Nicole gives her instructions.

Stephanie Elchuck

I have dabbled with yoga for the last 30 years.  I recently started studying with Nicole. ૐ Namaste ૐ She is passionate, conscientious, and calming.  I am exploring new positions and look forward to each session with anticipation and desire.  She has introduced me to “todays” yoga while still focusing on the tranquility and serenity

Jamie Huston

I am 66 years old – and learning how to be flexible, pliable, and mindful all with the help and aid of Nicole.  Who said you can’t teach an OLD dog new tricks?  Yoga with Nicole rocks!

Carolina Hodson

Nicole is like a flower that is blossoming; full of life and eager to teach those of us that are wanting to explore what our minds and bodies are willing to do. Her teachings are full of wonderful energy that transpires onto her students. Nicole makes yoga fun and she continues to inspire me.